Power tools for low-tech money

 Hi, folks...

 A short break from the heavy content stuff. Time for some
 serious power tools!

Okay. This seems to be what a lot of you have been asking for.
 A relatively low-tech, simple and really inexpensive package of
 tools to set up a business (or three) quickly. On top of that,
 it allows you to build a recurring income, and grow it every

 All using nothing more complicated than a WordPress blog and a
 few easy to manage tools.

 For the super-short explanation, go here:


 Note: That deal will expire sometime before the New Year.
 You'll see why when you check it out.

 The slightly longer explanation...

 If you've considered starting a membership site, or selling
 time-delivered courses, or just need a secure delivery system
 for your products, you'll want to grab a copy of this one.

 The package consists of one script and 3 WordPress plug-ins.

 The main WP plug-in is a very cool membership system, that
 allows for complete control of access to your content, handles
 recurring billing through PayPal or Clickbank, and is super
 easy to use compared to most of the membership systems out

 Another plug-in lets you take complete control of who can see
 or access content on your blogs, based on the use of access
 controls and secure links.

 The third makes it super easy to add opt-in forms to your
 blogs, and split test different forms in various locations.
 That gives you a major edge by letting you get the most new
 subscribers from your existing traffic.

 The fourth product is a script that makes it easy (even
 automatic) to back up your MySQL database(s), even across
 different domains. If you've ever lost a subscriber list, or
 the contents of a blog or forum due to a server crash, or
 wondered how you were going to move them from one server to
 another, this is your answer.

 Probably the easiest and cheapest insurance you'll ever get for
 your online business.

 As a holiday special, you get all four of them for less than
 the membership script should sell for by itself. If you've been
 looking for a way to get something serious started, without
 spending an arm and a leg, or having to get a degree in
 computer science, this is your ticket.

 You're not going to believe the price. And yes, there's a
 reason. Two, actually. The first is that I wanted to give you
 something you can use to get the New Year off to a great start.
 The second is less obvious...

 People constantly say they just want the list of features, with
 no salesy hype. This is about as hype-free as you're ever going
 to see. You're going to have to use your imagination to see the
 potential in this one.

 Let's see how folks react to it. ;)


 You really want to check that one out. There are some
 surprises in it. ;)



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