A voyage in the Dehna desert of the South West Saudi Arabia

By V. Muzafer Ahmed

How many times have we been chasing water like this! Eight days, 800 kilometres. Too many times did we see waves, fingers and shores, merely shadows; but never did water reveal its true being.

Our seven-member crew had hallucinatory experiences—mirages, psychedelic illusions of pools, lakes and puddles—in the Barak al Wadi region of the Dehna desert in the South Western KSA.

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Kerala feasts on Punjabi Landscapes (Mallu Singh)

‘Mallu Singh’ goes to the people with the singular fame of being shot almost exclusively in Punjab. 47 days in Punjab supplemented with eight days of flashback scenes shot in Ottappalam completes the film. 

After Pokkiri Raja and Seniors, director Vaisakh, in Mallu Singh tells the tale of Anikkuttan (Kunchako Boban) and his associates who are on the streets of Punjab in search of his cousin who has been missing for years. 
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Kottayam Immortalized Once Again

 22, Female, Kottayam

Kottayam Kunjachan, the endearing rascal pioneered it; now it is Tessa the bold and aspiring nurse. The slang and the spirit of Kottayam sets the ambience for '22, Female, Kottayam'.

When Tessa on screen says 'despite anything, am I not a nurse from Kottayam?' (onnumallaelum njaanoru Kottayathukaari nurse allaedaa!)

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