“The Joy of Reading”: The traveller

Once a traveller was wandering through a vast desert in which nothing grew, not a tree or even a blade of grass. By chance he came across a deep pit. He looked inside it, hoping that maybe it contained some water. He was astonished to find that all it contained were several wretched creatures. They had slipped down its steep and slippery sides and fallen into the pit. They were a monkey, a snake, a tiger and also a man.
'I would be doing a good deed if I were to

Print titles: Falling with double-digit thuds

Regional ABCs: Yorkshire Evening Post and Nottingham Post see heavy falls

By Mark Sweney/Guardian

Johnston Press's Yorkshire Evening Post and Northcliffe's Nottingham
Post were particularly heavily hit in a tough market for evening
newspapers in the second half of 2010, reporting double-digit sales

Digital age and media: The fourth and final stage

Why publishers need to stick their heads in the clouds

By Roy Greenslade/Guardian

Digital development within media organisations seems to pass through
four stages, writes Michael Hedges.

“The Joy of Reading”: The Origami Master

Shima the Origami Master lived alone, high up in the mountains. He never had visitors. His origami kept him company. One day, a warbler chose the tree in Shima's backyard for its nest. It flew back and forth, collecting twigs.

Women's magazine circulations -- Falling like nine pins

OK!'s sales slide by 23%

By Mark Sweney/Guardian

Richard Desmond's stable of celebrity magazines suffered a circulation
slide in the second half of 2010, with a year-on-year fall of more
than 20% for OK! in a women's weekly market peppered with double-digit
annual sales falls.

Regional print media: Not aiming higher, but cutting deeper

No real news! Why local and regional papers are on their knees

By Roy Greenslade/Guardian

Just in case you didn't read it, or didn't read all of it, here's the
conclusion to yesterday's commentary by Sean Dooley on the state of
the local and regional press: "Few readers are seeing any mitigating
circumstances as their

At BBC, 31 jobs to go

BBC to make 31 current affairs posts redundant
Cuts to department are latest in wave of cost savings at corporation

By Josh Halliday/Guardian

The BBC is making 31 posts redundant in the current affairs department
responsible for shows including Panorama – a 22% cut in full-time
staff – in a fresh wave of cost savings

Azim Premji University: An Exhilarating Endeavor

The Azim Premji University aspires to make education accessible to every deserving student from rural India.
It's an exhilarating story of commitment, perseverance and immense vision.
Read it from various media, Indian and International

The New Indian Express:

Tech Mythology: Brahma: Systems Installation

Brahma: Systems Installation
Vishnu: Systems Administration & Support 
Shiva : DBA (Crash Specialist)

Lakshmi: Finance and Accounts consultant 
Saraswati: Training and Knowledge Management

Narada: Data transfer 
Yama : Reorganization & Downsizing Consultant 
Chitragupta : IDP & Personal Records 
Apsaras :Downloadable Viruses 

and lot more... Read Full

Murdoch's newspaper has no paper; It's all Tablet

Rupert Murdoch unveils the iPad 'newspaper'

By Ed Pilkington & Dominic Rushe/Guardian

Since the day he bought his first newspaper aged 22, Rupert Murdoch
has shaken up the world's press, revolutionised television and
transformed the way politics is discussed from Australia and Britain