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A varsity without a PC, Internet--for 6 yrs

BANGALORE: Tumkur University is 70km from India's Silicon Valley. But it's stuck in a time warp — as recently as June last year, it had no computers and no internet connection. 
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When redundancy hits online journos

BBC Online: 360 staff to lose jobs

By Jemima Kiss/Guardian

The BBC has confirmed that 360 staff in the corporation's online
operation are to lose their jobs as the department's budget is cut by
25% to £103m by 2013.
"The Joy of Reading"Playing War

"Too hot for basketball," Luke said. "Let's do something else."
They moved to the shade under the willow tree while they decided what to do next.
"Do you have any more water balloons?" Danny asked.
"Nope," Luke said. "I wish we did."
"We could play video games," Sameer suggested with a quick smile.
"The Joy of Reading": Ruby's Wish

If you walk down a certain road in a certain city in China, past the pet market with its yellow-and-green ricebirds hopping in their bamboo cages, and the goldfish and the terrapins in their porcelain bowl, you will come to a block of houses, five houses wide and seven houses deep. Many families live here now, and the

An Ode to the Last Editor

Here are K Balachandran's (formerly with the Malayala Manorama and Varthamanam) poetic musings in the new year. ('The last editor' does not refer to any particular one, but a motif of a rare tribe, mostly extinct, save for a few who are still around.)
Ode to the last editor
By K Balachandran

Your tense is past, but there you are quite alive
not as a daunting photo in an album, but

A bookstore fights to stay alive

Struggling Borders to Meet With Publishers

By Julie Bosman/NYT

The book chain Borders entered 2011 on an unsteady note, telling major
publishers last week that it would delay payments owed to them, and

Feedback on 'Christmas-week insight into Jesus and media'

Three exciting responses to an email by Mr. Joe of ToI, TVM. Original mail appears after the three responses. Have some cheerful!!! moments:-)

New Year thoughts for old-media hands

The second sentence of the intro seems to set the tone for the
newspaper industry in the new decade.
 Good luck for 2011. Joe

What Comes After Newspapers: Forget Form, It's About Content
 By Andrew Walkingshaw/paidcontent