One-year MBAs, the way to go

An egregious example of resource wastage is the two-year MBA programme. In schools like the IIMs, more than 90% of the MBA students are engineers, often from the country's top engineering colleges. They are trained to be quick, adaptable learners. How long ought it take to provide such a highly skilled crew with the management arsenal they need to succeed?

At airports they eat, drink and play. Read? Hmmm...

In about 50 hours from Tuesday morning (Oct 19) to Thursday evening, I got to observe travellers at airports in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Feedback on 'Warning: Not for journos with heart disease'

How long will/can mainstream media houses keep this watertight divide? I am all for a professional divide. The moot point here is that so long as the print media continues to depend near-totally on ad revenue for growth and profits, this divide will be under increasing stress to break down.

Journalism's leaky moral condom--Jeff Jarvis talk

This is a response to Roy Greenslade's article in Guardian,
titled 'Journalists as entrepreneurs? That's fine, but not if they have to sell advertising'.
The response is from Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine, and brought to my notice by OneIndia Senior Editor PV Harikrishnan.

Who reads newspapers? Surely not journalism students

Journalism students don't read newspapers
By Roy Greenslade/Guardian
Two eye-opening moments at my lecture to about 250 City University MA journalism students yesterday afternoon. I asked for a show of hands on a simple question: what is your primary news source?
Newspapers? No more than 20 hands went up. Radio?

Double Pulitzer Prize winner? Sorry, no space on board

Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Out as New Owners Take Control

By Jeremy W Peters/NYT
The Philadelphia Inquirer has been through a lot in the last few years: bankruptcy, two new owners and layoffs, just to name some of it. It has now lost its editor, the newspaper veteran and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bill Marimow, who will step aside as the paper's new owners prepare to take over.

Citizen journalism? Nice idea, no moolah

'Community news sites are not a business yet'

By Alan D Mutter/Newsosaur

Although Jan Schaffer just produced a masterful analysis of how to run a grassroots news site, she came up dry on the crucial question of how to turn those journalistic labors of love into sustainable businesses.
The best she could do was tell the truth: "Community news sites are not a business yet," says