Two more newspapers confined to coffin

Abandoning some of the best known names in trade publishing, the Nielsen Company said Thursday that it would shut down Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews, and sell a stable of other publications, including Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, to a newly formed media company.

Nielsen's plans to sell had been reported for months, but the news that E&P and Kirkus would close at the end of the year was a surprise. Nielsen is not abandoning trade publishing. It will retain several publications, including Contract Magazine and Progressive Grocer.

Greg Mitchell, editor of Editor & Publisher, said the 10 staff members "got an e-mail last night that there would be a meeting today," and expected to hear that the magazine had been sold or would go online only. Mr. Mitchell said that when they were told that it would close, "people were shocked and disappointed and a little angry about it."

He added, "We're halfway through our January issue, and we haven't gotten word whether that's going forward or not."


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