All the Quality Dailies in UK suffer circulation drop

The Daily Telegraph's circulation slipped below the 700,000 mark for the first time
last month, according to the latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, published today. In another grim month for the daily quality market, the Daily Telegraph, Times, Guardian and Independent all recorded double-digit year-on-year percentage circulation declines, while the Financial Times dropped below 400,000 copies.
The Times and Daily Telegraph's figures partly reflected their decision to remove the last traces of bulk distribution from their sale last month, which still accounted for almost 35,000 copies between them in December.
This leaves the Independent, FT and the Daily Mail as the only UK national daily papers still employing the sales-boosting tactic, whereby multiple copies are sold for a nominal fee to hotels, airports and gyms and given away free to the customer.
The Times recorded the biggest year-on-year circulation fall of any national paper in January, down 17.69% to 508,250. The Daily Telegraph reported a 11.76% year-on-year decline to take its sale to 691,128.
The Guardian managed to stay above the 300,000 mark, adding 0.58% month on month to record a daily average of 302,285. However, its year-on-year comparison showed a 15.76% decline.
Last month the Independent sold an average of 185,815 copies each day, down 13.78% year on year and 0.6% month on month. Across all its global editions, the Financial Times sold 390,315 copies in January, a fall of 8.52% year on year and 2.62% on the previous month. The FT sold 124,699 copies on average each day in the US, 115,399 in Europe and 34,771 in Asia.

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