Ad honcho says papers aren't dead yet

THE global boss of one of the world's leading advertising agencies has said the much beleaguered newspaper publishing industry is not out for the count yet.
Leo Burnett Worldwide chief executive Tom Bernardin did acknowledge yesterday that the print media - and newspapers specifically - are under the gun, but
there are online business models that can bolster their operations.
Mr Bernardin said many newspaper companies face a tough time getting customers to pay for content that they are now used to reading for free online. Yet, despite the hurdles, he urged publishers to think about moving towards some sort of pay-for-content model, even though they may choose to take different approaches.
Some may sell to readers pure articles with no advertising content embedded, while others may accept some form of advertising and so charge subscribers just half the amount, for example. And while the transition for newspaper firms will be rough and challenging, they must embrace change, which will eventually see them winding up in a 'better place'.

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