Announcing Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010

Functional Intent meets Pixel Perfection at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010
25-26 August 2010. NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore, India
Straight from the makers, Adobe Flash Platform Summit (AFPS) 2010 will feature everything from
innovations in Flash and Flex to bringing great experiences to mobile phones and devices, to the future of the Flash platform. You will also learn new technologies that enable integrated design and develop workflows, and innovative ways to monetize content.
You will go back home with the skills, insight, and contacts to take advantage of these opportunities as they transform our industry.
Develop Day (25 Aug 2010) - content on this day will find immediate resonance with Web Application, Desktop Application and Mobile Application Developers from the world of ActionScript, Flex, Flash ColdFusion, Java, PHP, .NET, including Game Developers. Architects interested in creating multi-tiered enterprise systems that go beyond basic RIAs will also benefit from signing up for this day. Design Day (26 Aug 2010) - will feature content for Application UI Designers, Interaction Designers as well as designers who currently specialize in web or video and want to expand their skills. If your goal is to create interactive content, applications or video for the browser, desktop, or devices using Adobe technologies, you will benefit from signing up for this day.
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Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010

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