Teaching Good Manners, Traveling with Young Children, Father's Day

FamilyEducation.com June 9, 2010
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Your Child, Ages 0-6

Dear Parents,
Teaching manners to a young child can be tough! We've got tips to help children of all ages learn how to be polite, including toddlers and preschoolers.
Summer vacations should be fun, not stressful, but traveling with a young child can be difficult. Get travel tips and activity ideas
from other parents to help avoid any mid-travel meltdowns.
Finally, this Father's Day, help your kids show Dad how much he means to your family with a homemade gift from the heart.
From the Editors at FamilyEducation.com
Teaching Good Manners
Teach your child the importance of being polite.
How Rude! An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Kids Manners
Manners and Mealtime Just Don't Mix
Nine Steps to Good Table Manners
Five Bad Behavior Busters
Table Manners: Frequently Asked Questions
General Manners for Kids & Parents
Kids' Relations with Adults
More on Manners for Kids (and Parents)
Traveling with Young Children
Keep your kids occupied while traveling.
Top Family-Friendly Beach Destinations
Day Trip Packing List
Airplane Travel with the Kids
How to Avoid Car Craziness
Trip Tips and Activity Ideas from Other Parents
Seven Ways to Avoid Whines in Lines
Family Vacations: Getting the Kids Involved
More on Family Travel
Father's Day
Father's Day is June 20.
Father's Day Crafts Kids Can Make
Printable Father's Day Card
Printable Promise Notes for Dad
The Father Factor
Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas
Printable "Greatest Dad" Certificate
Homemade Gift Ideas from Other Parents
More on Father's Day
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Print a Card for Dad
Print this free Father's Day card to show Dad you care. Brought to you by Kodak.
ADHD Linked to Pesticides
A new study has found ADHD to be linked to pesticide exposure. Find out what produce is safe, and how to protect your child from excess exposure.
Children's Etiquette
Which type of etiquette is the most important to teach young children? Weigh in now!
9%Good table manners.
65%Respect for teachers/elders.
20%Treating peers with respect.
2%Prompt thank-you notes.
Developmental Milestone Chart
Want to make sure your child is on track? Print this developmental milestone chart, and check off each milestone as your child grows into her first year of life.
Organic Shopping List
Do you always forget which fruits and vegetables are best to buy organic? Our wallet-sized organic shopping list is a handy helper for your grocery store trips.

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"My son wanted to get his teachers chocolates this year, so even though I had a different plan I decided to go with his. Simple, and like those bubbly jumping students I got to experience as a teacher, my son was so excited to give his teachers truffles yesterday."
--Allison McDonald Craftivity Corner

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