10 Mistakes That Start-Up Entrepreneurs Make

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Career Journal: Working Hard for Leisure
The hospitality industry will likely generate 140,000 new jobs in the coming years, and hotels will be major employers. A look at jobs in this industry for mid to senior-level candidates. Read More
Do Techies Make Good Leaders?
The speed of the technology industry's growth results in some unique challenges to develop leadership skills. Read More
When People Come And Go
Constant turnover in a project team makes it hard to maintain the continuity of skills and knowledge necessary to get the job done. Read More
10 Mistakes That Start-Up Entrepreneurs Make
When it comes to starting a successful business, there's no surefire playbook that contains the winning game plan. Read More
IT Firms to Staffers: Watch What you Blog
Jolted by instances of nasty remarks about top management, India's top technology companies are drawing up policies to tackle the issue. Read More
More from The Wall Street Journal
Should the Government Be Allowed To Snoop on our Electronic Lives?
Information could only be made available to security agencies with the rider that such information should remain classified until a suspicion of threat arises. Read More
Chief Mentor: Reinventing the Wheel for India
The transportation sector in India is growing rapidly, but the problem - and investment opportunity - is that we have only scratched the surface. Read More
India's IT companies will prosper despite high U.S. Work Visa Fees
Whether you're a multi-billion dollar company like Infosys or a small company, the high visa cost is trivial sum compared to the value of actually obtaining the visa. Read More
Microsoft Co-Founder Launches Patent War
A firm run by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen claims that Apple, Google and other companies are violating patents developed at a lab financed by Mr. Allen. Read More
Chief Mentor: Jugaad on the Road to Success
Applying the concept of jugaad to deal with limited resources and weak infrastructure has allowed Indian companies to accomplish more with less. Read More
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