The Times circulation dips below 5,00,000

ABCs: The Times slips below 500,000 for first time in 16 years
News International flagship sinks towards pre-price war level in a grim month for the quality daily papers
By Steve Busfield/Guardian
The Times's circulation fell below 500,000 last month for the first time since April 1994, during its price war with the Daily Telegraph. All of the quality daily newspapers suffered
circulation falls in August, a traditionally bad month for newspapers, according to figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations today.
The newspapers which have cut bulks and/or overseas circulations were the biggest fallers: the Daily Telegraph was down 17.33% year on year, the Times fell 14.23% year on year and the Guardian was down 12.61% year on year.
The Guardian distributed 17,000 fewer overseas copies compared with August 2009, while the Times and Daily Telegraph's year-on-year comparisons are adversely affected by their dropping of bulks.
The Daily Telegraph: Headline circulation: 673,010 Month-on-month change: -0.79% Year-on-year change: -17.33%
The Times: Headline circulation: 494,205 Month-on-month change: -1.67% Year-on-year change: -14.23%
Financial Times: Headline circulation: 376,564 Month-on-month change: -0.51% Year-on-year change: -4.87%
The Guardian: Headline circulation: 272,112 Month-on-month change: -1.85% Year-on-year change: -12.61%
The Independent: Headline circulation: 182,416 Month-on-month change: -0.85% Year-on-year change: -2.89%
(Headline circulation includes lesser rate sales, subscriptions, bulks and distribution in Ireland and overseas.)

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