Azim Premji varsity to hire 4,500 in next 5 years

Swetha Kannan, Anjali Prayag, Bangalore, Dec. 20
Azim Premji University, which will be operational from the academic year 2011, plans to hire 4,500 people in the next five years. The hunt is on for deans, professors and administrators.

"This would include faculty for both the university and for our existing education initiatives on the field," said Mr Anurag Behar, Co-CEO, Azim Premji University.
The university, one of the initiatives of the Azim Premji Foundation, already has 25 faculty members on board and is looking for deans and professors across various disciplines including natural sciences, anthropology, health, governance, ecology and environment, apart from registrars to manage finance, student affairs, placements and information resources management.
Mr Behar told Business Line most of the University's faculty would come from existing practitioners who have worked in the field of education and young PhDs who can fill the talent pipeline. "We will recruit very few from existing universities as we do not want to poach from them," said Mr Behar.
The university, located in Bangalore, will also hire talent from the US and Europe interested in working "for education in India", Mr Behar said.
The Karnataka Government had recently approved the formation of the Azim Premji University under a special legislative act. The University hopes to be a centre of excellence in teaching and research. It is looking to have a "multidisciplinary" approach, offering a range of post-graduate programmes in Education Policy, Teaching and Learning, Education Psychology, Educational Leadership and Management, Education Technology, Education Research and Development Studies.
The Azim Premji Trustee Company recently got a whopping Rs 8,846-crore endowment from Mr Azim Premji (Chairman of the Foundation) who transferred 213 million equity shares to fund the foundation's education initiatives, including the Azim Premji University.
At the time of the share transfer, Mr Premji had said: "We believe good education is crucial to building a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. All our efforts, including the University that we are setting up, are focused on the underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of our society. Our experience of the past 10 years has motivated us to significantly scale up our initiatives, across multiple relevant dimensions."

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