It's our pleasure to give details about the OSHO - Bhagwaan
Rajineesh's Spiritual Discourses.

We have the entire collections of the Osho's talks which were given
in a span of more than 35 years of his life time both in Hindi and
English, which would be more than 7000 to 8000 hrs of talks
on every
aspects of life including talks given on most of the Great
Enlightened Masters like Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammad,
Ramana Maharshi… etc who walked on this earth in the past.

The Entire English Talks are available on high quality
(Sony/Moserbaer)78-DVD Audio Mp3s, in a well organized Album with
each DVD containing more than 50 to 70 hrs of talks in Audio Mp3
formats which are compatible with any kind of mobiles/ipods/DVD
players. And the Hindi talks are available in a well organized 66 -
DVD Audio Mp3s album.

 Please click here to VIEW
 the List of Titles.

The Cost of the English album of 78 DVD's is Rs.7500/-

The Cost of the Hindi album of 66 DVD's is Rs.6000/-

The Entire List of the Discourses provided in the albums are attached
in an excel sheet.

The DVD's can also be purchased individually based on titles @
Rs.100/- per DVD.

Many of Osho's Talks are also available in DVD Video formats. There
are more than 1000 DVD Videos which are available @ Rs.100/- per DVD.

The DVD's will be Couriered safely to your address as soon as the
payment is received at no extra cost.

/We represent - *Osho Celebration Center Trust* (Regd) – An
Osho's Meditation Center in Bangalore Rajajinagar./

*/Meditation Center Details:/*

Every day Free Meditations in the morning and evening between 5:30 to
8:00 AM/PM

Sundays 5:30 to 8:00 AM and 3:00pm to 8:00pm

Osho's Books Library Facility.

Osho's Books/CD/DVD for Sale.

Regular 3 Days Residential Meditation Camps.

*/Annual Celebrations:/*

Osho's Enlightenment Day Every year on March 21st 3pm to 8pm.

Osho's Mahaparinirvana Day Every year on Jan 19th 3pm to 8pm.

Osho's Birth Day Every year on Dec 11th 3pm to 8pm.

Annual Guru Poornima Celebrations.

Thank you,

Have a Great Day.

Sw Antar Rahi



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