Financial Plannning: Self

Can Financial Planning be done by Self.....???

In the Present Scenario planning is a necessity for everyone. Many think planning is required for only big plans or it is a tool for corporate, but Planning is required for Individuals also, to plan their finances at every
stage of their life. Financial planning is nothing but the process of meeting life goals through a proper planning and management of finances. It helps an individual as well as corporate to translate their dreams and aspirations in to reality. It also helps you to provide meaning and direction to your financial decisions. Financial planning has to be done in a proper way, so that it can be implemented effectively.
Personal financial planning 

Corporate Financial Planning

4 Important Steps to follow while Planning your Finances
Options for financial planning

Financial Planning Consultant Services
Before choosing a financial planner or financial consultant services, check whether client's interest is the first priority for them, and that they also offers full explanation of the processes involved. 
Financial Planning Magazines
Financial planning magazines provide helpful articles and insights on the common issues faced by people trying to plans for their financial future.
On-line Financial Planning
Online financial planning is a viable option these days. The Internet is a veritable source of information. With some research and planning, one can gather as much information as possible on various companies, compare options

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