How cardboard boxes kick media's butt: A poem

Two reactions on 'How cardboard boxes cause hardship to print media' :

1. This once again proves that newspapers are simply pulp and their
contents are just pulp fiction!------Kurian Pampadi

2. Give us one last good news, please. We are marooned. (By K Balachandran)

'Every bad news is a good news'
All along we did think,

As any journo worth one's salt...
Now look! What  has befallen us
No news these days
Seems good news for papers!
We are stranded here, grappling
With the 'mother of all bad news'
For more than a month of Sundays,
With no chance to escape
From the python's stifling constriction.
Even cardboard boxes in China kick our butt,
By hiking newsprint rates beyond reach.
We are patient, hoping fervently for once
That a good news would soon be heard.
At last things need a change to the good
Let there be a good news, as just a good news.
Give us a new life, one more chance.

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