Overview: - Research hypothesis is the statement prepared by the researcher regarding the outcome of the research experience. Problem statement with Hypothesis is an integral part of research papers. With out this statement the actual design of the research paper cannot be attained. The main goals of the concerned research programs can be
traced out from this statement. The hypothesis theory can be generated by means of different programs. In a research program the hypothesis is an optional description of a faithful incident. If the hypothesis wants to be in good form, it must be with declarative feature. It must be able to reveal the relationship between variables.
Features of hypothesis statement: - If the researcher's aim is to criticize an already existing theory by means of another concept then such hypothesis is termed as null hypothesis. The null hypothesis explains an existing incident on which the researcher wants to conduct some result oriented test. The research methodology is totally up to the researcher because both the research hypothesis and the elective hypothesis must be able to provide descriptions ideally. The problem statements must be with sections of proposals or thesis. The sections can be categorized either with sentences or smaller paragraphs. The problem must have described in the thesis paper irrespective of the length of the statement. Moreover the thesis must be in such a way to justify the problem perfectly. The hypothesis furnishing in the statement must be in such a way to calculate and analyze empirically. It must be supported with proper clarification and reliable definitions.
Ways to write problem statement: - Before preparing a problem statement the purpose of such a statement should be evaluated perfectly. In hypothesis the researcher first make some guess and then conduct certain experiments. The experiments are to see whether the guessing matters are true or false. The statement preparing after the concerned research must be the outcome of an inductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning can be explained as a conclusion of a larger concept with smaller interpretation. Scientists generally use this method to explain theories related to existing matters. By adopting this method the researcher can write problem statement which can be subjected either for testing or evaluating. The thesis writing can start at the end of the first paragraph of the statement. The first paragraph must be an introduction about the subject on which research is to be conducted. In the respective thesis paper the researcher must be able to describe the conclusions which he had made from his research program. The explanations written in the thesis paper must be reliable to the subject chosen for the research purpose. Then only it can help the reader to understand the matters written in the respective problem statement of researches.
Conclusion: - The research hypothesis is the problem statement prepared by the researcher. At the end of this statement a statistical analysis by the researcher with the information collected from the research front will make the reader to enjoy the thesis essay perfectly. This statistical analysis will be highly beneficial to school going children to a great extend.      

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