Relevance of Review of Literature in Research

 Research is not only considered as the collection and the revision and review of the data in hand. It is also very significant that the researcher needs to do a sort of study whereby he can bring about a connection between the data's that is presently collected and
that which has already been collected in the past. This is very important since then only the researcher will be able to know whether the data that he or she collects is useful for the research purpose and whether any type of relation can really be formed between these sets of collected data's.

Relevance of the data collection process
 This makes the research process a really efficient one since the data will be useful to correlate findings of the research work and also will make the researcher of what data has to be collected in the future and also the amount of the data that is very much required for the completion of the research process. This also makes it quite the simpler for the researcher since they will be in a real position to know whether they are on the right path of the research process or they have strayed away form the aim and the goal of the research process.

Review of the concerned Literature
 The literature review thus gives a wonderful insight for the research since they can very well review the literature and the works that is already done by the previous researchers. This also gives a glimpse and also various ideas to the researcher regarding the work that has been left unfinished by the previous researchers in that particular field and thus can very well proceed into completing the research on those grounds. They can also very well correlate and also do a comparative study on their present research work and the works of the previous researchers in the same field.

The Significance of the past Literature
 Hence before a formalization of the research project the researcher has to do a very exhaustive and thorough review of the past literature that has already been collected and which will very well serve as the much needed fuel that is very much required to boost and give the required momentum for the research to go in the forward and the right direction. This also gives a certainty to the researcher on the very important aspect that there is no repetition or duplication of the work that they are performing or undertaking.

Advantages of the Review of Literature
 If the researcher in the course of the review of literature process becomes aware that their type of research work they are dealing with currently has already been undertaken before then they can very well change the perspective of their undertaken research study and then give a new direction so that the researcher will be able to find some very interesting new things that has not been discovered or postulated before.

Thus by doing the review of the literature the researcher will be able to come across some very new facts and also related facets of a complex problem under study and this can be taken up during the course of the research work and which could probably turn out to be a breakthrough for the researcher. Due to this reason it can very well be concluded that the review of literature is indeed a very important and significant thing that has to be undertaken as a part of one's research work.

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