Hypothesis and Problem Statement in Research

Research often involves the finding out of some unknown things and unraveling of new things about a particular phenomenon. As a result the researcher before the start of the research process has to very well define the problem and the hypothesis before taking up any research activity.
Thus the stating the Hypothesis of a research is indeed a detail that is been given regarding a particular phenomenon.

Null Hypothesis and its relevance
 Usually in a research activity there is another hypothesis which is called as the null hypothesis which is actually the Hypothesis that a researcher really targets to challenge and prove its validity. Thus the null hypothesis is in reality an explanation of an occurrence or a factor that is present in reality in this world which the researcher really intends to put to test. Stating the Hypothesis can thus be considered as equal to that of making a guess and then doing the experiment to see whether the guess that the researcher did turn out to be correct or wrong.

Statement of the Problem in Research
 The second most important thing when it comes across in a research work is that the researcher in addition to the defining of the Hypothesis has to very well state the problem that he or she is going to undertake in the research work. The statement of the problem usually can be very well restricted to one particular sentence or it can be very well a small paragraph that can very well extend to more than one page. Irrespective of the length of the statement that the researcher very well puts forth it should very clearly describe the problem. In addition to this the statement that has been stated by the researcher has to also clearly justify the problem.

The importance of stating the Problem
 Thus any research work may really consist of some very key problem statements that will very clearly give a very good view to the researcher when going about the research process and also makes them very well aware and concentrate on the key and very significant areas which are very much required for the completion of the research work. Thus the stating of the research problem really and very truly helps the researcher to completely focus on the research process that they undertake and in cases where they stray away from their work they can very well control and drag them back to the research process.

 Stating the Hypothesis and the Problem in sentences
  In addition to this the Hypothesis has to be a declarative sentence which will very truly show the relationship among the different types of variables and the one that has got a particular type of meaning that is attached to it and the one that can be easily interpreted. Also the Hypothesis is a thing which can very well be calculated and also anyone should be able to test it empirically.

 Thus both the Hypothesis and the statement of the problem in research is a very significant step that will very well determine the course of the research work and the ultimate success of the research work that is being undertaken. Hence the researcher has to really give much importance to this particular step when undertaking and also initializing a research work since a very clearly stated problem and hypothesis surely ensures the future course of the research work in the right direction.

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