Relevance of ‘review of literature’

An overview
The motto of research is making new consciousness and awareness.
Research is only possible through detail and accurate understanding of
previous studies and research in any research. The importance of
review of literature in research is not easy to measure especially
research in social science.

To understand what happened is an unavoidable part of every research
The knowledge about past is very essential to our day to day
activities and future activities. Without knowing what happened and
what has happened, it is impossible to make clear picture about
anything. Past is dead, ok. But it determines present and future of
humanity. In short, it is imperative that the understanding of what
happened and what has happened to the developments and the progress of
human culture and everything.
Present and future are the same guests who visited in earlier times
in our home, the world. It implies that there is no inner and deep
difference among the past, present and future. The change, which we
feel is only in surface. So, it is necessary that the thorough and
very clear idea about what happened and what has happened in the field
in which one makes study or research. Neglecting previous and recent
studies is impossible in any research.
Review of literature
Review of literature is a vivid and keen account of what has been
published on the topic which is chosen by the researcher. The purpose
of review of literature is very great in any research work. To
summarize, synthesize and analyze the arguments which are contributed
or put forward by the others is the main purpose of the any review of
literature in research especially in the field of social science
research. It is the main duty of any researcher to describe and
analyze the knowledge which exists. And make details about what are
the differences between the existing knowledge of research and the
research which the researcher is going to conduct and the researcher
should make the clarification about the relationship between the
research, conducting now, and the research works which has previously
been done.
According to the morality of conducting research, researcher never
fails to show resemblances and differences, consistencies and
inconsistencies in previous research work. If there are any
controversies in previous research, it will be mentioned by the
The fair and unfair things in review of literature
It is not good and appreciable attempt to say more about the
importance of research in review of literature. Please do not be
verbose in review of literature, if it is so, it will not fair. But
the researcher has the right to say about primary purpose of the
research. Review of literature should be the discussion of previous
studies and their weaknesses and strengths. And do not be the mere
dull description of previous studies. The research will not be
fruitful, if review of literature is the mere referring of previous
studies, so it should factual and ideological discussion area of
Review of literature must be sufficient to reveal the research will
be very useful in this research field to lead the coming researchers
and students in the new world of knowledge.

Review of literature is the result of thorough and careful study of
the previous researches and studies. It makes the researcher more
resourced and it leads to very successful completion of very fruitful
research work.

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