Research methodology for social science

Research: an introduction
The word "research" is the combination of two words're' and 'search'.
Meaning of the word 'research' is 'to search again'. The purpose of
the search is to find out very new facts or
renew or modify the older
The word 'research' is the child of French language. (Or it is
derived from the French word 'recerch(r)) It means 'act of searching
closely'. Not merely search, but really, it denotes re-search.
Many think that research is a process of collecting information. But
the actuality is not that. It is a great process of answering the
questions of unanswered. Research helps to realize our ignorance and
it helps to enter the new world of knowledge, information and wisdom.
Research is a never ending process. Discoveries, findings and
creations surely lead to new findings, new discoveries and new
creations. Many people in the world are engaged in research which may
be minor or major.
Some are interested in asking what the reason behind research is and
what the inspiration of research is. The answer is very simple. It is
the human tendency and instinct to know 'why' of everything.
The very striking motif and reason of every research is to satisfy
our needs. The same research work behind atomic energy and atomic
bomb. In order make low – cost housing and very productive plants, we
need research.
There are two types research, they are pure or basic research and
applied research. The pure or basic research has no high volume of
purpose. It is just for to gain knowledge. We can understand it as
'knowledge for knowledge sake' research. The useful and beneficial
outcomes, it is a bonus.
But the major and important purpose of applied research is
implementation of the knowledge. It is to improve life situations by
applying in a useful and practical way. It is the research with
Most of the people take research to become teachers of
university or other promotion purpose.
Research Methodology: An Introduction: By Wayne Goddard, Stuart Melville
Research Methodology in Social Science: By Arvind Kumar
Science: a brief note
The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday
thinking. (Albert Einstein)
No doubt, science is the procedure of achieving knowledge through
observation and experimentation. It is a methodology which uses to
know and understand our world.
The difference between natural science and social science is that
what they study. The area of study and some concepts is different,
according to their character and nature.
Often natural sciences are called the very hard sciences. Chemistry,
physics, biology, earth science, astronomy atmosphere science,
oceanography and material science are main subjects of natural
Scientific Fields - Natural Sciences Vs Social Sciences: By Gwen Nicodermus
Social science
Methodology of both natural science and social science are same in
greater extent. Social science directly deals human relations, human
behaviors and other main human centered issues.
Sociology, economics, archaeology, human geography, political
science, history, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, education are
the subjects which come under the umbrella of social science. The area
of study of social science vast and wide and the relevance of social
science is unquestionable.
Sociology is the study of society and social institutions, family,
religion, marriage and the so on.
Economics is the study of wealth. And it is about production and
distribution of goods.
Archaeology is the study of material remains of past human life and activities.
Human geography is the study of how human beings are distributed on
the planet, earth. And it is about how human beings handle and manage
and change the planet, earth.
Political science is the study of state and its functions.
History is the study of the past. History is 'an unending dialogue
between the present and the past'. (E H Carr, What Is History)
Psychology is the study of mind and brain. It deals mental discourses.
Linguistics is the scientific study of human language, its history and
Anthropology is the scientific study of origin and nature of human
beings and it is the study of developments cultures and societies.
Education is the process of learning and the great process of self
Scientific Fields - Natural Sciences Vs Social Sciences: By Gwen Nicodermus
What Is History: By E H Carr
Research methodology of social science
An overview:
It is known to all that research is not simple task or simple
attempt. It very necessarily requires careful study and greater amount
of preparation. The study and preparation are the very important
factors which determine the success of any research. Deciding
appropriate methodology to research is challenge. It is not easy to
make a very good scholarly research quickly. To get good and very
useful research result, it is needed that enough time and the help of
modern information technologies.
It is understood that research is serious process, so it is the duty
of any researcher to follow good and accurate methods otherwise the
research will not get the result which the researcher targeted. The
methodology of research is the core element which the success of
research. Compromise can not be expected in this case, if you need a
good scholarly research work.
All is not fair
Everything in the world has its own identity and specialty. This is
the case of research work. Each research work demands the method which
is very suitable and apt to it. The selection of method of research
is ultimately depends on what the researcher aims to investigate. In
social science, it is permitted that to apply any conventional and
non-conventional methods of research, but it is imperative that the
methods should be apt to bring out the maximum outcome which must
accurate and sufficient. The research methodology of social science is
somewhat flexible in comparing with the natural sciences. It is better
to follow very accurate methodology to avoid many problems which may
occur in our research. Researcher may have his own or her own ideas
and prejudices, it will mislead and researcher may fail to see the
facts. It can be avoided by applying very efficient and accurate
methods of research. But it is not well let the methods be masters of
your research. Always methods should be the servant of researcher.
Methods are the ways to get correct destination, but they are not the
Social science research is largely and mainly based on analysis,
measurements, and interpretations of numerical and non numerical data.
Quantitative research methods are based on statistical approaches and
at the same time qualitative methods depend on grounded theory,
content analysis, comparative analysis and interpretations. Emphasize
of quantitative methods is on very objective measurements and
numerical analysis of data which are collected through questionnaires,
surveys or polls. But method of research understands social and
problems through personal comments and interviews. By its genuine
nature social science allows its researcher to follow any methods. So
the methods are only means or ways of social science research. Methods
are not the end of any research
Research in Social Sciences: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: By
Verena Veneeva
Application of different types of research methods will be useful to
realize many social phenomena and social problems and to solve social
many problems. It is better to conclude in this way, the various
research methods are very necessary very success completion of any
research in the field of social science.
Research Methodology: An Introduction: By Wayne Goddard, Stuart Melville
Research Methodology in Social Science: By Arvind Kumar
Scientific Fields - Natural Sciences Vs Social Sciences: By Gwen
Nicodermus What Is History: By E H Carr

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