Research Methodology in Social Science

Research methodology is indeed a science that really studies how the research process is done in a scientific manner. The research methodology is very much a systematic way of solving a given research problem on hand by the logical means of using a number of steps.
Benefits to Researchers 
 Thus the research methodology process not only allows an individual researcher to understand the various factors and the end products that are achieved by means of the scientific and social research but also helps to very well understand the whole process in itself. The main aim and the real goal of the Research methodology process is that it helps a researcher when undertaking a research process to very clearly describe and also to very well analyze the methods involved in the process.

Benefits of Research Methodology
The research methodology also helps to throw light and very well helps in highlighting the limitations and the much needed resources that are very much to be overcome and also that is essentially needed for the researcher to taste success in the research that is being undertaken by them. The research methodology helps the researcher in advancing the frontiers of the human knowledge. Research methodology helps in providing the tools and the right techniques that are very much required by the researcher when conducting research. It also helps the researcher in developing the scientific attitude towards the research as a whole. Helps the research to fully concentrate and also view the research subject on hand. It also does the process of enriching the researcher when doing the research work.

Decision making using Research Methodology
The researcher also gets the chance of studying the subject of his research in depth and this becomes very useful for the researcher to get many new ways and methods to go about the research work. The research methodology helps the researcher to take very intelligent decisions during the course of conducting the research work. The research methodology helps the researcher to develop the process of critical thinking. The research methodology also helps the researcher to use the ability of evaluation and also simultaneously use the results of the earlier research works with the utmost confidence and ultimately take decisions that are quite rational.

Research Methodology and the Research Process
 The research methodology also helps the researcher to better understand the research work done by other previous researchers. It also very well helps the researcher to do a critical evaluation of the entire literature. The research methodology also helps to hone the skills and also the interests of the researcher and in other words creates a very good interest for the researcher in the undertaken research work. It very well helps in understanding the attitudes of other people who have done the previous research in the same field. It also makes the researcher to fully understand the needs of the whole process of research.
 Thus it can very well be concluded that these are the many benefits of the Research Methodology and it is very important for any researcher when undertaking any research project to utilize the same which would fully ensure the success of the research work.

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