Survey Method in Social Science Research

Overview: - In Social Science Research program Survey is considered as the non experimental category. But it is featured with highly descriptive nature. Survey is considered as the conclusion of data collected from various questionnaires developed from numerous interviews. Generally the survey method comprises of questions which need to be answered as either true or false
and open ended questions which need to be answered with short answers. In the social science research programs there are various types of surveys. The researchers must develop their own opinions to enjoy the advantages and disadvantages of these surveys.
General Social Survey: - Social science survey is the sampling survey in US and the same is conducted by national opinion research center. Generally the survey questions are of three types. They are permanent questions, rotating questions and split ballot experiment questions. Permanent questions are the common type of questions providing in all types of surveys. These questions cannot be avoided from the survey questionnaires. Rotating questions appear on every two out of three surveys and the third one usually appears in single surveys. The general social survey tries to maintain highest standards in its survey programs. They never allow any compromise in designing, interviewing, documentation, processing and sampling. These items are employed by front line designers.
Population survey: - In this survey method population and subsequent accessibility are considered. A list of samples is to be prepared with the concerned population. But certain such population survey lists cannot be compiled in any way. Complete listings are available with respect to voters or drivers. But there won't be any complete listing of people who are homeless. If any body wants a survey on homeless people, such persons must initiate the process with too much enthusiasm and find such corresponding people independently.
Survey with questions: - The types of questions which need to be asked with people are determined with respect to the type of survey that the researcher desires to follow. Sometimes the questions going to ask may be very complex. Sometimes the questions may have more than one part. In such cases the researcher must try to split up the major questions into smaller ones. If this is done the process of answering will not be a hurdle.
The role of contents in survey: - The contents which learned or developed will be a great challenge as far as this content is considering for the purpose of various surveys. If the respondents are not interested in reading news papers or viewing televisions, then the researcher cannot expect any positive response from the side of the respondents if his intention is to ask questions related to latest news. If the respondents are not aware about the questions, the concerned researcher must allow them refer the required records needed to answer the questions properly.
Conclusion: - The surveyor or researcher must make a correct evaluation regarding the issues to be taken in to consideration while performing surveys. In many occasions there won't be any easy methods to reach the goals of the surveyor. Hence it is up to the researcher to decide which issues are to be considered. In this way, the process of surveying can be made easier.   

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