Methods of Sampling

The researcher during the course of his research work has to very well use several methods so as to ensure the success of the research process.

What is sampling?
 Sampling is one such process that is commonly used in the research process where by the researcher selects units from a given population with a view to
utilize the selected units in the research work. The units may be organizations, people or any other forms of units that may well pertain to the research work that is being undertaken. The importance of the sampling method in the research work is that once the researcher studies a certain sample that they have chosen they can in turn generalize the results back into the given population from which the sample unit was calculated.

Importance of the Sampling Method
 The sampling technique forms a very important technique in the research method in general and also forms a very key and significant method when it comes to the social research process. Thus in sampling there are certain key terms in sampling like sample frame and population which has to be very well understood by any researcher.

The meaning of population in sampling
 In most of the social research studies most of the researchers are only very much interested in generalizing only to certain very specific groups of people. This kind of selected group that a researcher really wishes to generalize as a part of the research is called as the population. The group so chosen by the researcher is chosen because the researcher is only interested in sampling and also doing a generalization procedure on this select group of people.

What is a sample frame?
 The sample frame is defined as the assessable population that is indeed listed and from which the researcher will in turn draw the sample. The group of people that the researcher in turn selects for the research study is called as the sample of the research work.

Importance of randomization
 Thus sampling in a research process needs to be a random process where in the researcher does not include or show any kind of bias during the selecting process of the sample units. Random choosing in turn very well helps the researcher to avoid any kind of bias to be shown to a particular set of people and thus very well enhances the quality of the research work. Hence it is of prime importance that the researcher indeed uses the right sampling techniques and also the right methods during a research work since this only will very well ensure the resultant success of the research work and also gives greater clarity to the research work that is being undertaken by the researcher.


 Therefore any researcher has to use the best type of sampling method that they feel will bring the best result for the chosen research method and also very well ensure that they very carefully chose the population and also the sample frame that is to be taken for study in the research work. This if done properly will surely ensure the success of such a research work that is undertaken.

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