Various Methods of Research

For any successful research to be undertaken by any researcher they have to follow a set of guidelines and also apply certain methods depending on the type of research work that is to be undertaken. This is primarily
required since the research method that is adopted in that particular research process will ultimately determine the success of the research work that is undertaken.

Research Methods and the various fields
 Thus depending on the field of the research study that is undertaken like that for Biology, Social sciences and Psychology there could be really a very large variety of  research methods that can be chosen by a research person and during the course of the research and on completion of the same the researcher has to give a right justification for the reason why they have chosen the particular kind of research method. The best way thus to choose a particular form of research method is to look for its relative strength.

The Experimental Research Method
 The first type of research method is called as the Experimental Research Method which is method that involves in performing a straight forward experiment. This experiment will in turn involve the regular and standard practice of quantitative  manipulation of the available independent variables with an aim to generate data that can be statistically analyzed. In this type of research the researcher by means of doing the research process is actually either accepting or rejecting a null hypothesis. The ultimate results that are being generated from the experiment are in turn used to test this kind of hypothesis. Indeed this type of experimental research method is often considered as one of the most toughest of all the research methods that are available to the researcher and in many cases it often involves the requirement of huge finances for performing the experiment. The experimental research method is often considered by most of the people as being too much accurate and in the case where it involves the use of live organisms it may result in risking the life of the particular organism or animal taken for the experiment.

Opinion Based Research Method
The second type of research method is called as the opinion based research method wherein the primary aim of the researcher is to collect the quantitative data. This type of research method the measurements that are done are usually of the arbitrary type which follows the interval or the ordinal type. The data that is collected in this type of research method is often collected by means of the questionnaires which is collected from a targeted sample group. This type of research method is very easy and cheap and gives more importance to the opinion and also the emotion of the sample group individuals. But when compared to the experimental method this method can very well be manipulated and also can very well result in the false results.

Observational Research Method
 Observational research method is a type of research where the researcher will always try to observe and study a phenomenon and at the same time will not very much get involved and interfere with the observed specimen. Case study is one type of observational research method that is very commonly seen. This type of research method is very well used in the behavioral studies, anthropology and also in the case of the social sciences. In this case of research method there is no interference with regards to the behavior of the concerned organism and hence it is considered as one of the safest method in which the ethics are given much importance.

 Thus it can very well be concluded that these are the various types of research methods that any researcher will be able to use in the field of research and which would result in the completion of a successful research work.

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