Various Methods of Social Science Research

Overview: - Social research is a peculiar program conducting by social science scientists. The term 'method' is very much associated with the social science research works. Numerous writings and teaching manuals are prepared on account of this social science research
program. The main method using in this research work is general methodology. This comprises of principles which can guide the research programs and support with designs and procedures by which the concerned research can be carried out successfully. The methodology also provides research techniques which are very much helpful in tracing the research data. Investigation is the other isolated work which usually comes with the research programs. These steps are important as far as the research programs related to social science is concerned.
Methods of social science research: - In Social Science there are there are numerous reliable research methods which may lead to successful research programs. But it is up to the researchers to choose the appropriate method suitable for studies and investigation. The choice of research methods are well versed as case study methods, survey methods and experimental methods. Together with these methods historical and documentary methods can also be employed if required. In the concerned research program there are written test and non text materials with all the above mentioned research methods. Various types of investigation are essential to maker the research highly result oriented. The researcher needs to adopt either different methods or combination of different methods for researching the subject properly. Then only he can confirm with the research works conducted by him. The investigators who conduct various research programs may employ similar methods to reach their goals. The notable feature of these research projects is the way the researchers collect data using these different methods. Interviews, observation, questionnaires and documentation are common in many social research programs.
Most reliable method of social investigation: - Survey is the most common and reliable method of social investigation. Social investigation is always associated with questionnaires or formal interviews. With respect to questionnaires in surveys, question wording and attitude measurement are key factors of social investigation. This usually takes place by personal interviews, postal surveys or telephonic interviews. To get better outcome the questionnaires need to be posted with utmost care vigilance. Some people who conduct researches make discussion with respect to different styles of investigations and make comparative studies to highlight differences. But the benefit availing by the researchers on account of discussion and debate is not so ideal. In the interview specific questions are its main features and they are capable to develop concealed as well as free reflections. Structured interview is often by an interviewer where as unstructured interviews are by means of recording and transcribing afterwards. For making investigation successful the concerned researcher must consider these different interviews with great importance.
Conclusion: - Since there are numerous methods to make the research remarkable, the researcher must show too much interest in employing different methods to reach the goals. He must be able to show something special in his researches. The aim of the research is to bring something exceptional the adopting methods also should be totally exceptional. Then only the readers can go through the research papers with too much enthusiasm. 

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