Overview: -The intention of research is to make people aware about new discoveries and related knowledge. Since the research work is very much related to papers worked out before, it is ideal for the current researchers to go through it perfectly. Thus the review of literature is a connecting media with respect to works already done and the works which are to be
performed. Moreover literature is very essential for making the research paper highly result oriented. The literature review is beneficial for all sorts of research works and the literature may be in the form of projects, articles, stories, novel poem essay, program and theory.
Review of Literature: - Most probably the literature review will be the scanning of previously done works. The research fellows can collect data of previously done works from news papers, websites, books, magazines, pamphlet and other reliable sources recommended by other researchers. If possible it will be highly beneficial if a researcher can go through all these relevant papers. The more they could conduct review on literature the more worth will be the research papers. The research fellow can develop a solid paper if he can research more reliable literature sources. If the research is conducting for an assignment the process of choosing topics is very difficult. There are subjects with broad description and narrow description. The role of the researcher is to define the topic properly irrespective of the structure of the subject.
Importance of literature review: - There are numerous reasons as to why the literature review process is considered as very important with respect to researches and dissertation works. By conducting literature review the research scholar can prepare very solid aspects regarding the subject on which he has been conducting researches. By conducting literature review the candidate get valuable opportunities to go through the books and papers prepared by distinguished researchers or authors. This points out that the random writing is not suitable for any type research papers. The concept or theme developing by these researchers must have strong basis or foundation and must be true in all respects. In coming years these theories and concepts will be considered by fresher researchers and hence the same must be reliable and suitable guidelines to them. Before completing the research paper he must have completed a vast quantity of literature review. If the research performing by the fresher is a previously done subject then he can modify his work by conducting more reliable researches. He can adopt other methods for reaching the destination and can narrate the same in his research paper. Since this method is new the fresher readers will show too much interest in going through this paper.
Conclusion: - Review of literature is very much important for highlighting different opinions, findings and explanations. He can employ historical perspectives for describing the subject. He must be conversant with the topic and at the same time he must be able to collect reliable sources needed for the literature review. He must be sure in advance about the apt method to be employed for developing a result oriented research project. Thus he can prepare a successful research paper which is perfect in all respects.  


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